The Institute for Architectural Research, Inc. will publish research results once a year, and offer free quarterly program publications to the public describing upcoming programmed events. The free quarterly publication will be available online in PDF form. 

Lecture presentation will be offered twice a year and are open to the general public. Speakers are invited to talk about topics related to the mission of the Institute, including recent research and teaching results. While the lectures will be free to the public, operational cost depend on volunteers and donations to help run the lecture. 

Other forms of media publications offered include educational films on architecture, and art / architecture installations showcasing the work from the educational workshops and research programs.

'Pop-up exhibits' - In presenting information to the public, the Institute will follow the concept of 'Pop-up' exhibition: which is to take over a vacant storefront space in low socioeconomically communities in the Brooklyn area: to present architecture to the public but also activate an area in need of revitalization. Installation duration will vary depending on venue and operating cost at each location per year.