The Institute for Architectural Research is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) collaborative intellectual forum, created to foster the pursuit of architectural fundamentals. The Institute’s research centers on architecture relating to topics of ecology, culture, typology, and the constructed environment. 

The Institue will achieve its purpose through an aggregate of design workshops; theoretical research publications; public art and architecture installations; history/theory lectures; seminars; educational films; Intern Development Program (IDP); and mentoring high school students interested in pursuing the study of architecture. The corporation will benefit its members, students, architects, and the general public of New York City. 

Funding for events, teaching workshops, and research comes from donations. 100% of every donation goes towards supporting programs connected to the Institute's mission. Cost for workshops and events is free for members of the public with low income, this includes students in middle and high school, or students currently enrolled in a University. Approval of free admissions will be review by the board of directors. If you would like to waive the cost of any workshop, please email us at 

Our core mission is to provide a bridge between academics and the practice of architecture; cultivating a shared educational environment in which drawing, thinking, and dialogue can take place.