College Preparatory Program, Introduction into Architecture

Young people go to university with the aim of becoming architects, of finding out if they have got what it takes. What is the first thing we should teach them? [First of all, we must explain that the person standing in front of them is not someone who asks questions whose answers he already knows. Practicing architecture is asking oneself questions, finding one’s own answers with the help of the teacher, whittling down, finding solutions. Over and over again.]
— Peter Zumthor, excerpt from "Thinking Architecture" (1998)



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The Institute for Architectural Research, Inc. offers, once a year, a three week classroom workshop in
the summer for high school students interested in going to college for architecture. The program is open to anyone who is interested in architecture, no prior experience, or prerequisites are required to apply.

The Institute for Architectural Research, is an equal opportunity organization, and does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, or disabilities

The Institute charges $1,500.00 for each student, however, cost will be free for members of the public with low income. Approval of free admissions will be review by the Board of Directors.

To Apply:

Required application material:

  1. Statement of Interest
  2. One Letter of Recommendation
  3. (Optional) A creative portfolio; and other relevant information

Apply by email: